The Truth About Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

I operated in the carpeting and also furniture cleansing, installation as well as repair company for around 15 years and throughout that time I had the chance to make use of some high power cleaners for elimination of spots and basic dust. I have actually likewise used 3 various types of cleaning up approaches shampoo, completely dry cleaning and also water removal or steam cleansing. Today I would like to share my thoughts on each one.


Shampooing your carpet is most likely the oldest technique I know of to utilize. I am sure there have actually been others but after that I am only 42. For some materials like wool and also some moisture delicate cottons shampoo provides a wet type of cleaning and also can help lessen shade bleeding and severe shrinking. A rotary machine with a soft brush is made use of. The hair shampoo is put on the carpet through a sprayer and also the rotating device is run backward and forward throughout the carpeting.

Dry cleansing of rug and upholstery actually ended up being in vogue in the 80’s. The guy that developed Chem Dry is said to have really patented the chemical he produced for carpet and also furniture completely dry cleaning. He then trained others to use the procedure then offered them franchise business with the legal rights to use the chemical. A rotary machine is additionally utilized, yet with a cotton bonnet rather than a brush. The carbonated chemical is applied to the carpet through a sprayer, is permitted to sit for a couple of mins after that the rotary device is returned and forth across the rug. The cotton pad usually moistened choices up the dirt that is loosened by carbonated chemical. The carpet normally dries in a number of hrs.

The approach I used one of the most and liked the most effective was water removal. Through a high pressure pump warm water mixed with the appropriate amount of cleansing chemicals is infused right into the carpet to damage down dust embedded in the fabric.


The water jet is affixed to the head of a cleansing stick that the vacuum runs through. The chemicals, water and dust are eliminated immediately with each pass of the device. When the equipment is used properly the carpet can begin drying out right now and generally will be totally dry in 4-5 hours.

Each of the methods I have actually outlined over have their positives and also downsides.

I want to leave you with one thought. If I place soap in my hair as well as I do not rinse it out just what do you believe will happen when it dries out? The shampooing as well as the completely dry cleansing offer currently way to completely remove the chemical they scrub down into your material. It is like washing your laundry and not washing the soap out. With water removal the chemicals as well as dirt are eliminated with the vacuum cleaner and removed to a holding storage tank.

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